Meat Pie

I got this super-duper meat pie recipe from my sister-in-law(my brother’s wife), who inherited it from her mother. Ultimately, it was brought to my attention by my sister Kamola. We love this meat pie so much that it finds its way to our stomachs quite often. The crust is just to die for. With a perfect crispness, it melts in your mouth, leaving you craving for more! I have been planning to document it for a while now. In fact, I thought that I had already posted it a while ago and I was surprised to find out that I never did… Well, anyway, here it is ladies and gentlemen!

Meat Pie

You can use any meat of your choice BUT ground meat. In this particular pie, ground meat is just not going to taste right. I used my favorite for the meat pie – lamb. As always, I am happy that I did so :) Along with potatoes and onions, this makes a perfect dish you can indulge yourself in. It may not be chocolate, but it won’t take you long to realize that you are addicted to it after your first try (at least I hope so)!

Ingredients for the crust:

  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter melted
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 1/2 cups flour (or less)

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 1 lb lamb meat
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 ground black pepper
  • 1/2 ground cumin
  • 1 egg


In a medium bowl mix melted butter, sour cream, 1 egg, baking powder and salt.
Meat Pie #3 Meat Pie #4

Meat Pie #5 Meat Pie #6

Meat Pie #7 Meat Pie #8

If your sour cream is on the thick side, add the first 2 cups of flour and see if you can knead a very soft dough, which will not stick to your hands or to the walls of the bowl. If that doesn’t seem to be enough, add the remaining flour and keep on kneading. Once done kneading, divide the dough into two portions. One portion should be slightly smaller than the other one. Ultimately, bigger portion goes on the bottom of the pie and the smaller one is going to cover the top of the pie. Wrap them with a plastic wrap and set aside to rest.

Meat Pie #9 Meat Pie #10

Meat Pie #11 Meat Pie #12

Preheat the oven at 375F. Thinly chop up the onions. Cut the meat into tiny cubes and cut the potatoes into small cubes, too. Place these 3 ingredients in a medium bowl, add the spices and mix well. Set aside.

Meat Pie #13 Meat Pie #14

Meat Pie #15 Meat Pie #16

Meat Pie #17 Meat Pie #18

Meat Pie #19 Meat Pie #20

Meat Pie #21

Take out the bigger dough ball and roll it into a 12-15 inch circle. Carefully place the dough on top of the baking sheet. I usually roll the dough around the rolling pin and carefully unroll the dough over the baking sheet. The dough is very soft but it should not be a big hassle to work with.

Meat Pie #22 Meat Pie #23

Place the filling evenly on top of the flat dough leaving 2 inches of space on all sides. Following the same steps, roll the second dough, making it slightly smaller than the previous one. Cover the top of the meat mixture with the second dough and seal the edges nicely.

Meat Pie #24 Meat Pie #25

Meat Pie #26 Meat Pie #27

Mix the egg with a little bit of water and brush the top of the pie with it. Make small cuts on top of the dough to help the heat escape. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake until the pie turns golden brown.

Meat Pie #28 Meat Pie #29

It goes quite well on its own or as a side for the soups. I love, love, love this meat pie with our pickled cabbage or plain old spicy dill pickles.

Yummy!!! Bon Appetit!

Meat Pie #2


  1. Camellia says

    Meat pie looks awesome. I’ll planning to bake one using your recipe this week inshallah.
    What kind of flour do you use (AP? unbleached/bleached? brand?), have you ever tried to substitute AP flour and baking soda with self rising flour?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Lola Mansurov says

      For this particular (and many other ones) recipe I used Unbleached All-Purpose flour.

      Self rising flour is good and would probably work well with this particular recipe, too. However I do not think it would be drastically different than the combo of AP+baking soda.

      If you use one, let me know how your pie turns out! :)

      • Camellia says


        I wanted to utilize leftover self-rising flour into this recipe, but used AP flour instead. SR has been sitting in my pantry for a while, it might have expired…

        Anyway, pie turned out amazing, thank you so much!

  2. says

    i have just discovered ur blog…I LOVE it!!! this meat pie looks awesome….m going to make a variation of it …i never thought of making a meat pie looking like this…its beautiful!!!…I saw ur red velvet cake tooo….so very beautiful n u have lots of tips for fotography which I really do appreciate..TQ (^^)

  3. Kamilla says

    Mmm, I made this pie once, it is sooo gooood!
    Do you know what you need to add to your blog? This “button” above each recipe where you could tip someone about it, thus it would be easier to share your recipes with others who yet haven´t discovered your blog, you simply type someones e-mail address and it´s sent to him/her.
    Take care!

  4. Kamilla says

    Oh, thanks, now I saw those icons, on swedish websites it´s a little bit different, I was looking in the wrong place :-)

  5. says

    I love it, it looks amazing. (for some reasons i am afraid to write in English although i ‘ve certificated from good college in Britain. Despite i lived here couple of years,I am a doctor often using medical language not the general one. If i would to describe this pie i would say, it is radical treatment of anemia
    Lola, please more and more
    thanks a lot

  6. says

    Found your blog through tastespotting. All of your pictures and recipes look fantastic, and I love that you have step-by-step pictures! I’ll definitely try out one of your recipes some day, cheers :)

  7. iroda says

    i was planning to make meat pie tomorrow and already bought my lamb- but it is ground lamb ((.

    Why would ground meat not work with this recipe?

    Karima, radical treatment of anemia sounds soo professional hey!!!

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Iroshka, try and let me know how it works. Dona dona bo’lib turmaydi-da, menga shunisi yoqmaydi. Mazasida farq bo’lmasligi kerak :)

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Hi Tia, I hope it works out well for me. I am sure you will like the dough.
      It can be used for many other pastries and pot pies.

  8. Komila says

    “So many reasons it’s so mmm mm gooood!” :) this came to my mind when i just saw the picture, it looks so yuuuummy. I usually use an ordinary dough with yeast in it for this of meat/potato pies. I’ll definitely give it a try, thank you for the recipe. You know what, I’m getting addicted to your blog :)

    Iroda, ground huddi manti/somsaga ishlatganizday mazasi ko’pam o’xshamaydiku bu retseptda ham shunday bulsa kerak, tog’ralsa afzalroq lekin ishlatsa bulaveradiku

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Ah, Komila. I do not have much time to keep posting original recipes. I hope you will not quit coming to the site, as I am committed to what I do. Thinking of sparing more time for food blogging :)

  9. Komila says

    Oh and If you don’t mind me asking, could you please edit your Tiramisu recipe with step-by-step photos when you get a chance? I’d appreciate it greatly:)
    rahmat katta, haaaliyam o’zim qibkurmaganman shuni. rasmlar bulsa qibtashirdim inshallah:D

      • Komila says

        Thank you, appreciate that. We need a “thanks” button here, lol :) Don’t worry I’ll be a loyal subscriber and will be checking back frequently. eventually you’ll ban me for offtops :)
        kisses to your little ones..asalcha ular

  10. Асрорбек Тошев says

    Ассалому алайкум, ҳурматли Мансуровлар!
    Гўштли пирог ҳақиқатда жуда ҳам чиройли чиқибди! Вақт топиб биз ҳам пишириб кўрамиз. Кеча шу саҳифани дўстларга ҳам юборгандим. Бугун телефон қилишиб Сизларга раҳмат айтишди. Раҳмат! Шундай ўзбек таомларини дунёга танитаётганларингиз учун ва ажойиб суратлар учун ҳам. Шу овқат ҳақидаги постларингиздаги расмлардан манга туз ва мурчларнинг тушиши олинган расмлар ёқади. Жуда аниқ ва чиройли чиққан. :) Манимча, Насим акани ўзлари расмга олган бўлсалар керак.
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    Барча ишларингизда сизларга омад тилайман. Бўш келманг!
    Keep this wonderful work up! THANKS!

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Salom Asrorbek!

      Aslida blogimizga tashrif buyurganingiz uchun va bizni do’stlaringizga tanitib turganingiz uchun sizga rahmat :)

      Ovqatni suratga olishga keladigan bo’lsak, aksar suratlarni o’zim olaman. Shu jumladan muruch va zira rakurslarini ham :) Ba’zan ikkala qo’lim kerak bo’ladigan joylarda, ho’jayinga murojaat qilaman. Shunday qilib o’zim ham ancha narsa o’rganib oldim.

      Mantining receptini tayyorlash planda bor. 1 haftalardan keyin qo’ysam kerak. Undan oldin iltimos qilingan bir ikki receptlarni yozvolishim kerak. Manti tayyor bo’lshi bilan sizga habar beraman :)

      Barcha tilaklaringiz uchun katta rahmat!

  11. Rustam says

    Уважаемые, Мансуровы, поражаюсь вашим мастерством делать такие красивые фотографии!!! Я просто и сам учусь на фотографа, так что мне это очень близко. Даааа D80 классная вещь!!!

    И говоря о рецептах, присоединяюсь к Асрорбеку. Будем ждать с нетерпением рецепт манты! Интересно будет прочитать на английском рецепт моего любимого блюда :)

  12. Sarah says

    Looks great! Two questions: What cut of lamb do you use? About how long does the baking take? You note “until golden,” but I’m wondering for planning purposes about how long that is. Thanks!

    • Camellia says


      Definitely give this recipe a try, it’s very easy, took me about 30 min to prep and 40 min to bake. I used boneless leg of lamb.

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Sorry it took me sometime to answer your questions Sarah. Camellia is right. It takes about 40 minutes for the pie to fully bake.

      As far as meat concerned, you can use any part of lamb (fillet). I either go for shoulder cut or a leg cut.

    • Lola Mansurov says

      When are you making it? :) The very amazing part of this recipe is the dough and the potatoes. Dough is very flaky and soft. Potatoes soak up all the juices from meat and onions. I hope you like it :)

  13. ummuhojar says

    Rostdan ham mazali chiqdi, retsept uchun rahmat, Hilola opa! Rasmga olganim bor edi, kompyuterga o’tqazsam bo’ldi.

  14. Anne says

    I can’t beleive that I found this :)
    My mum used to make it in my childhood, I am definitely going to enjoy making this one!!!! Thanks Lola…..

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Oh Anne. I am so glad that this recipe brought up one of the finest memories from your childhood :) I hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as you enjoyed your dear mother’s pie back in the days.

  15. Filiz says

    Hi Lola ,I can only say Rahmat for the great reciepe.I am in love with Uzbek cuisine and admire your great job.
    Once again ,thak you and hope to try more of your irisistable tasting meals
    Best regards,
    Filiz Alim

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Dear Filiz, thank you for visiting our blog and thank you very much for the fine compliments. You amazing wishes elevate my urge to post more recipes. Thank you for supporting me 😀



  16. Zakhro Muhiddinova says

    Assalomy Alaykum Lola opa. Men siz haqingizda dugonamdan eshitib, hursand buldim. Uzga yurtda ham shunchalik bizni
    uzbekona taomlarni mohirona tarzda taqdim etayotganiz uchun katta rahmat. Menga hamma reseplariz juda yoqdi va Hudo hohlasa, ularni tayorlab kuraman. Sizga katta RAHMAT

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Salom Zakhro! :) Blogimizga tashrif buyurganingiz uchun katta rahmat 😀 Dugonangizni ham so’rab qo’ying!

  17. Ruxshon says

    Assalam aleykum
    Hormang, bebaho taomlarni tayyorlab charchamyapsizmi? Recept uchun rahmat, hozirgina pirogni duhovkadan oldim endi iftorni kutib o`tiribmiz mazasini ko`rish uchun :) Savolim bor edi, negadur hamirim juda yopishqoq bo`lib qoldi ko`p un ishlatdim, sababi nimadaligini etib bera olasizmi?

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Ruxshonochka, kechroq javob berayotganim uchun uzr. Commentingiz spam boxga ketib qolgan ekan. The problem could be that you over-kneaded the dough. Ko’p mushtlagan bo’lsangiz yog’i ozgina suyulib qoldi. Mazasiga ta’sir qilmasligi kerak, deb o’ylayman. Qanday bo’ldi?

  18. Hannah says

    Dear Lola

    Thank you so much for sharing recipes in amazing step by step way. I love the photos as well. We live in Dubai and have some arab friends over for dinner from time to time. I have been surprising them with amazing dishes from your site.
    Thanks again for making me look the best chef ever!


    • Lola Mansurov says

      Dear Hannah, I am glad you like the recipes on my blog! But let me tell you something, recipes are only good as a chef who is preparing them. You are probably a very good cook 😀 So, all the compliments rightfully belong to you :)

  19. Iroda says

    Hello, I am an Uzbek Girl from Virginia. I was looking for so long a site that has Uzbek recipes, I am very happy that my friend told me about this website. It is also good that most of the recipes are from “available at home” ingredients.
    I tried your Meat Pie, and cooked it several times after. I and our family liked it so much. I also tried Lahmacun, which is also my husband’s favorites. That was great. Thank you.
    I always look to this site when I want to cook something extraordinary for dinner. Today I am gonna cook Eggplant Casserole.
    Thank you very much for creating your this website.
    I am waiting for your new extraordinary Recipes.
    See you.

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Dear Iroda, thank you for visiting my food blog! I am very happy that your family enjoys your cooking. Don’t forget regardless of any recipe you find online, it is your finishing touches and imagination what makes them really yours 😀

      Come back often, I will try to post more recipes!

  20. aleksandra says

    Hi. I love your site! This recepie looks amazing. Is there a way to make it dairy free. I am from Tashkent as well and am so excited to see your recipes

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Dear Aleksandra, you can use coconut oil to substitute the dairy. It should be good enough to give you a great crust. Sour cream might be a little problematic to substitute but coconut oil might work wonders for you 😀 Just make sure not to by the hydrogenated one.

  21. Tanya says

    I just made this pie – it’s absolutely delicious! Lola – thank you for the recipe and such detailed instructions! It was so easy and the result is amazing. Yum yum!

  22. Tatiana says

    This pie looks SOO good! I want to try and make it but I do have 1 question: can I use ground lamb? Thank you

  23. says

    Lola.. I love your blog! I am working on my own blog and I love the way you present your dishes and the detailed instructions you give. What an inspiration! And your recipes are awesome. I am definitely going to try to make this pie soon. It will be winter in Australia soon and I think it will be perfect for the chilly month/s.. Thanks Lola and keep your beautiful recipes and picture coming.

  24. Eva says

    I tried your recipe and it was AMAZING!! Not to mention it reminded me of my childhood in Tashkent.
    thank u soo much, definitely a keeper.

  25. sumaita raidah ahmed says

    wow it looks so good!!!! will it be ok if i use milk instead of sour cream in the dough recipe???
    i am looking forward to make this!!!

  26. Laura says

    Hey, I love your blog and your recipes are amazing :) I wanted to ask you something though, I always seem to end up with a sticky dough for some reason (both in the meat pie and the kachapuris) and I don’t know why that is since I use the same quantities as it’s marked on your recipe :( is there a way to make the dough less sticky so it’s easier to work with? like adding more flour or something? sour cream in France is less thick so that is a problem sometimes…
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work, you’re great! :)

  27. Hulkar says

    Hilolaxon! I love meat pie. and the pics looks great! I am just proud of you. I got my daughter’s name Hilola! Manam Hiluni sizga uhwab pazanda, ishbilarmon, intellegent bulishini istiman. Good luck to you girl! Thanks!

  28. Nilufar says

    Lola, thanks for sharing this recipe. I made this meat pie last night and it turned really good. I often visit your website when I need a culinary inspiration. You do such a great job! Thank you.

  29. Sheila says

    My mother-in-laws family is Italian and they make a similar pie but use ground beef and tomatoes with the onions and potatoes. They also use a boxed roll mix for the crust. The family always called it Scotcha

    • Lola Mansurov says

      Eman, I am very sorry to get back to you so late. If you still need the info, the temp. of the oven should be 350F

  30. Amina says

    Hi, Lola!
    I just discovered your blog pinning some recipes on Pinterest :-) This pie looks delicious! It reminded me of my Grandma and Mom making BALESH back in my homeland of Tatarstan. I love the idea of sour cream in the dough, it always make the crust oh so soft. And lamb is the favorite of my husband. I will spoil my family very soon with your wonderful pie, and I will be coming for more of your recipes! Thank you so much! Very best wishes,


  31. Russian Babushka says

    Making this pie for 2 years – LOVE it!!!!!!! Thank you, Lola!!! the recipe is easy to follow!! Yep, that is how long I’ve being checking on you… :)

  32. Vikolga says

    I’ve just made this meat pie – it is absolutely delicious!!! Thank you for the recipe. I did not think how easy it is to make it. My kids loved it!!!! Thank you very much Lola!

  33. Genna says

    Your recipes are amazing! I am an American woman married to a Kyrgyz, and I have used several of your recipes to make dishes that he misses from home. They were all delicious! I have the meat pie in the oven now, I can’t wait to try it!

  34. Zaytun says

    Receptlaringiz va fotolaringiz rosa Chiroyli ,
    Baraka toping!
    Lekin receptlar hammasi inglis tilida ekan, men bu tilni bilmiman , uzbek tilida blogingiz bormi, yoki ” perevodchik” bolsa blogingizda?…

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